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The Reb Beach Project showcases Reb's unique virtuoso guitar style over a heavy fast blues rhythm section with a sound reminiscent of his extensive history and influence. Steve Morse, then with the Dixie Dregs, had the biggest influence on young Reb. They were the catalyst that drove his playing into the greatness now so well known to music fans around the world, but what a road to success…

Within one year of discontinuing his college education at Berkley School of Music, Reb was the most sought-after session player in the industry, working with such all-time greats as Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Roger Daltrey, Chaka Kahn, and Twisted Sister.

It all changed once he met future bandmate - bassist and frontman Kip Winger - while residing in NY. The two proved to be great writing partners, producing platinum records that featured eight top-forty singles with music that was commercial, yet complex.

Suddenly an icon of pop culture, Reb was on the cover of every major guitar publication. Guitar for the Practicing Musician voted him "Best New Guitarist." Guitar World Magazine voted him "Best New Talent" and asked him to be a writer.

The now world-famous Reb designed a line of guitars for Ibanez and toured, teaching guitar clinics. He also produced a number of instructional videos including "Cutting Loose," and “Homegrown Private Lessons Volume 1” that sold very successfully.

He continues to find time for The Reb Beach Project after years of recording and touring in support of five records with Winger plus a 10-year reunion; three years of touring with Alice Cooper; replacing Dokken's lead guitarist, George Lynch, on the album Erase the State; four years on worldwide tours with Whitesnake; and a short touring stint and live album with Night Ranger. Reb is truly a world class musician and highly respected guitarist.