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Active: 1970s-1980s
Genre: Pop/Rock Styles: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal

Current Band Members: Bob Harris (keyboards, lead vocals), Gerald Berger (bass), David Landes (guitar), Scott Misner (drums), Brad Banhagel (guitar, lead vocals), Paul Byron (keyboards)

Previously known as Babyface, the group adopted the new title of Axe in 1979. Signing with major label MCA Records, by manager Lou Manganiello. Axe released their self-titled debut in 1979 and immediately gained attention with a melodic rock sound comprising heavy guitars mixed with keyboards.

Following Axe with 1980's Living On The Edge the group switched labels to Atco in 1982 for their third album, Offering; an album that included the hit anthem “Rock n' Roll Party In The Streets” and a cover of Montrose's “I Got The Fire.” The album marked the addition of new bassist Wayne Haner to the ranks and AXE with the Scorpions, Judas Priest, Ozzy Osbourne and ZZ Top. In 1983, the band was honored to opened for Iron Maiden.

Following the arrival of the band's fourth album, Nemesis, AXE was dealt a fatal blow when guitarist, Michael Osborne, was killed in an auto crash in which a badly injured, Bobby Barth was lucky enough to escape with his life. The band, however, quickly dissolved following the tragedy.

Barth, once recovered, joined Blackfoot, replacing Ricky Matlock for the 1984 album, Vertical Smiles, and subsequent touring. In 1989, an attempt was made to reform AXE, but without success. Barth went to Australia in order to work with ex-Rose Tattoo front man, Angry Anderson.

Due to Barth's connections with the Japanese label, Zero, and German company MTM Music, Bobby felt there was sufficient interest in AXE to make a renewed effort to put the group back together with a revised line-up, and the release of a brand new album, aptly titled Five.

A brand new AXE album, Axe (Twenty Years From Home), was released in September 1997 featuring re-recorded versions of chosen tracks from each of the first four AXE albums, plus two from the recently released V record. In 2000, AXE released The Crown. In 2012, AXE released the new Axeology and a live video from their 2012 Sweden Rock Festival performance.